Review: Aegean Airlines Business Class

Aegean airlines business class inflight salad

I flew from Brussels to Athens with Aegean Airlines and experienced the airlines’ business-class meal service. The airline works with Chef Nikos Sarantos and Konstantinos Lazarakis offering passengers a Greek inflight meal experience, paired with fabulous tasting wines from around the country.

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The inflight menu offered an appetiser of marinated strips of chicken breast on a bed of salad leaves topped with peppers, cheese cherries, pomegranate and mustard vinaigrette. Hot meal choices included a grilled beef fillet with baked potatoes, vegetable pearls and a red wine sauce or a grilled fillet of chicken with Lyonnaise potatoes, green beans and turkey bacon with lemon thyme sauce.

Aegean airlines business class fresh salad

The chicken salad was crisp and tasty, the meal tray also featured some Greek cheese, olive oil, pick crackers and warm bread.

Once my salad entree was removed by the crew member I had to decide on the main meal option, and the crew member recommended the chicken.

Aegean airlines business class chicken main meal

The chicken was delicious, tender and moist and the lemon thyme sauce complimented the dish so well.

Aegean airlines business class desserts

Dessert featured a trio of desserts served with my favourite coffee, Illy.

It’s lovely to experience the food and culture of a country before arriving there. Greek culture is about making you feel at home and Aegean does this successfully onboard their flights. Their crew are welcoming, warm and hospitable and the food offerings are exceptionally good and traditionally Greek.


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