Enhancing the Inflight Experience? Aegean Airlines’ Service Upgrades

Aegean airlines business class meal concept 2023

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Aegean Airlines is shaking things up with changes to their inflight meals and business class tableware. The airline rolled out these updates in May of this year, all in the name of enhancing the passenger experience.


In economy class, they are prioritising sustainability by introducing paper containers for hot meals and switching to eco-friendly wooden cutlery (although the cutlery seems on the small side).

A person holding a fork on an airplane.

This step towards a greener future aligns with their new branding, which showcases the motto ‘A taste of Greece’ for an authentic touch.

A set of forks and spoons on an airplane seat.

Passengers in Aegean economy class haven’t been offered fresh salads since around 2015, making their reintroduction a refreshing change.

It’s worth noting that other major airlines serving Athens provide minimal amenities. For example, Lufthansa, Austrian, and British Airways, all operating from Athens, do not offer any complimentary catering for economy class.

A tray of food and drinks on a plane.
Macaroni and cheese on a plane.

In comparison, Aegean continues to provide complimentary hot meals and even complimentary alcoholic beverages in economy class.

Imagine flying on the same route with Air France and receiving this in economy class.  Which option would you prefer?

An Aegean Airlines meal tray featuring bread, coffee, and a drink.


Moving on to business class, passengers can expect upgraded tableware, including tray mats and sleek plates, which add a touch of elegance to the experience. The new tray cloths feature captivating branding, although they are single-use, which may not be ideal from a sustainability perspective.

A seat on a plane with a white blanket on it.

In terms of food and beverage options, business class passengers can enjoy a choice of two hot meals, an impressive wine selection, and collaborations with renowned Greek chefs. The desserts, created by the esteemed Stelios Parliaros, are a true highlight, showcasing his expertise in crafting delectable treats.

A plate of chocolate cake and a cup of coffee on a plane.

Service enhancements include a hot towel service and pre-meal drinks. Aegean has also partnered with Dutch brand Coppa Cocktails to offer pre-mixed drinks made with natural ingredients and certified colors.

A glass of red liquid on a tray.

The Negroni is a delicious drink, adding a touch of sophistication to the inflight experience.

While the plates in business class may appear slightly smaller, I can’t tell if there is a reduction in food quantities. A streamlined dining approach is back in place, with the cabin crew serving the appetiser and main course together before clearing the tray and offering dessert.

Aegean airlines business class meal concept 2023

Overall, Aegean Airlines’ business class experience is top-notch and competes with the best in Europe. The upgraded tableware, along with the airline’s new livery and cabin upgrades, adds a vibrant touch to the inflight ambiance.

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