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The inclusion of Aer Lingus meals in the price of your ticket will depend on where you are flying to. All long-haul customers still receive complimentary inflight meals, non-alcoholic drinks and snacks, while passengers flying around Europe will generally pay for their inflight meals.

European Flights

Aer Lingus inflight meals on short-haul European sectors can be purchased from the Bia menu. You can buy items such as the chicken and stuffing sandwich, raspberry muffin, fresh fruit salad, a cheese board, and many other sandwich combinations.

For a copy of the latest inflight menu, go here

Long Haul

Complimentary meals are still served on all transatlantic flights in economy class service includes a bar service, hot meal service with tea & coffee and additional second snack service. Note that only soft drinks and water are free, you can purchase alcoholic beverages and snacks from the Bia onboard menu featured here.

On departing long haul flights from Ireland expect a hot lunch service followed by a snack service before arrival.

On arrival flights into Ireland expect a hot dinner service. If travelling from Chicago, Orlando, San Fransisco and LA, a hot breakfast item will also be served before landing.


The Business Class meal service on Aer Lingus flights ex Ireland will usually consist of a pre-departure champagne service, bar service and hot canapes, a meal service, dessert and cheese service and a further second meal service snack.

On flights departing from New York JFK airport, you have the option to dine before your flight, allowing you ample rest time for your flight.

A sample business class menu is available here.


Available on International long-haul services only at least 24 hours before departure and include:

Kids Meals, Diabetic Meals, Gluten-Free Meals, Kosher Meals (needs 48hours), Low Fat Meal, Low Lactose Meal, Low Salt, Moslem Meal, Vegetarian Lacto-Ovoo Ovo Meal and Vegetarian Vegan Meal.

You can order your special meal on Aer Lingus flights right here, and please have your reservation details ready.


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