Review: Aeromexico Economy Class

Aeromexico Boeing 737 at gate at Mexico City Airport

I’d read some negative reviews about Aeromexico online, and I wasn’t sure what to expect onboard; nevertheless, I was excited about a new airline experience. My flights would take me from Amsterdam to Mexico and onto Panama for a few days, then back to Amsterdam. I ended up upgrading myself on one of the flights’ sample the business class product.


Before my trip, I also popped into Gate Gourmet in Amsterdam to interview some key staff, and take a closer look at the business class meals served ex Amsterdam.

There is always three choices in business class which include: fish, chicken or pasta. In economy it’s usually chicken or pasta.


Outbound for dinner I selected the Chicken Tika Masala, which was a tasty option served with a fresh salad as well as freshly cut fruit. It was great to see a proper wine glass offered in economy class.

Aeromexico economy class meal

A few hours before landing it was time for breakfast, again some freshly cut fruit, a croissant and scrambled eggs with a hash brown, tomato, yoghurt and broccoli.

Aeromexico economy class meal

The meals in economy class were good, simple and kept the hunger at bay during the flight.


While in transit at Mexico City Airport I decided to head to the airlines’ lounge to see what the food offering was like.

At 5 am there weren’t that many people around, but the lounge soon filled up within the next few hours. The food offering was quite basic initially; however, as time passed, the staff added additional food items on display.


For this flight I upgraded to business class, I thought it would be worth the cost for the 3hr and 30min flight, the extra legroom was appreciated, and the meal was slightly better than the offering in economy class.

Aeromexico business class inflight meal mexico to panama

There was a choice of a continental option or a hot option; I ordered the hot option which consisted of an omelette with spinach and black beans, fresh fruit and a croissant. The omelette was a little bland, but the rest of the meal was good enough.

The meal option seemed basic for a breakfast flight, especially in business class. The service was ok and the flight uneventful.


A few days later, I flew from Panama to Amsterdam in economy class. Panama to Mexico City was an uneventful flight, I chose the pasta dish and the crew provided a second round of drinks. The pasta was quite average but edible.

Aeromexico economy class pasta meal

Mexico to Amsterdam consisted of two meal services, which were very similar to the previous flights, the meals on every flight were of the same standard. The food isn’t the best out there, but certainly not the worst either. The portions ex Mexico City seemed a little smaller.

Mexico to Amsterdam on Aeromexico in economy class. Pasta Dish

I skipped the second meal service. Overall I had a good experience with Aeromexico, the meals were basic, kept you fed, but did offer fresh salads or fruit. Service on most of the flights was quite average, perhaps due to a language barrier or lack of enthusiasm from the crew.


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