Review: Air Baltic Business and Economy Class

Air Baltic wing and engine view

Air Baltic is a small boutique carrier focussing on customer experience, and most importantly, they have a strong focus on their inflight meals. I was lucky enough to fly on their new C Series aircraft, which was fantastic to fly on; my flight was from Riga to Frankfurt. I was in Riga to film an interview with some key staff members from Air Baltic for an airline food documentary.

Air Baltic sponsored the flights.


Meals are not included on Air Balic flights in economy, instead, customers can pre-order a meal for a fee from their amazing online pre-order meal system. You can select what you want on your tray from a myriad of options.

Air Baltic economy class pre order meal

The pork medallions with grilled vegetables were served with a salmon salad and cheesecake for dessert. For an economy class meal, the main meal was delicious, the salmon salad was fresh and the cheesecake was delectable.

In business class, I was served a smoked trout and cucumber cheese salad, the main was a beef goulash with bulgur and vegetables, and a Panna cotta with raspberry sauce for dessert.

Air Baltic business class meal

I loved the clean design of the meal tray and the branding on the plates and meal tray. The airline offers an excellent business class meal product for European flights.


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