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Air Europa Inflight Meal Business Class

Air Europa offers a remarkable business class dining experiences on their short-haul flights in Europe. The food focuses on healthy eating with produce that’s high quality and eco-friendly. The meal tray is designed and served in a very innovative way, and it’s made from recyclable material.

I came across their meals by accident on my last trip in 2016 and had no idea that they had invested so much effort into their meals. You can read my previous experience here.


My flights with Air Europa were from Frankfurt to Madrid. Upon landing in Frankfurt, the inbound aircraft encountered a mechanical failure of some sort. Initially, the delay was a few hours; it then turned out to be around 8 hours.

It was handled very well by the ground staff, as I was in business class for this flight I ended up spending most of my time in the lounge at Frankfurt airport. In the end, I ended up catching their second flight to Madrid later that day which departed at around 8 pm. It was a very long day.

Air Europa Inflight Meal Business Class

I was so tired that I didn’t even look at the menu, so I can’t tell you what was served. Regardless, it looked inviting and was delicious.


Service started with pre-meal drinks as well as a copy of the inflight menu. Inflight menus are becoming a thing of the past on many airlines, so it’s nice to see some airlines still handing them out on short-haul flights.

Lunch offered a Caesar salad, vegetables in honey cream, grilled baby potatoes, cajun chicken, rocket and a delicious flan.

Air Europa Business Class Meal

Everything was delicious, and it’s great to see this concept is well received by passengers too. I hope the airline continues to create and develop these meals in business class, it’s great to see airlines investing in their product and thinking about the whole concept, rather than just the food element.


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