Review: Air Lithuanica Economy Class

Air Lithuanica economy class inflight meal

Air Lithuanica was a regional airline based at Vilnius airport; unfortunately, they ceased flying. For this review, I take a flight from Brussels to Vilnius in economy class to experience the inflight offerings. The airline did not offer complimentary catering, instead, you could purchase something onboard.

Air Lithuanica economy class inflight menu

The inflight menu offered a vast range of products, my first choice the burger and chips was unavailable, so I settled for the Thai style chicken in coconut sauce served with cheese and rice.

I was impressed with the inflight menu it offered excellent value for money, the cups, cutlery, and inflight meal packaging colourfully represent the airline brand also.

Air Lithuanica economy class inflight meal

The hot meal was good although the flavour of ginger wasn’t as prevalent as I wanted. I enjoyed my experience with the airline, the crew was friendly and the inflight menu offered a great range of meal options at excellent prices.


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