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Air Arabia meals are not included in the price of some ticket prices. The airline offers three fare types: Basic, Value and Extra, basic does not include meals however the other two fare types do. If you did purchase a basic fare, you could still pre-order a vast array of inflight meals.

For passengers who do not pre-order meals inflight, you can make inflight purchases from the Sky Cafe. The airline operates from the UAE, Morocco and Egypt; each airline has a slightly different inflight menu, listed below is the UAE inflight menu. Note that alcohol is not offered for sale on Air Arabia flights.


To view one of the three inflight menus of the Air Arabia SkyCafe head here.


Inflight meal options include a wide range of options. Passengers receive a discount by pre-ordering their meals online; the menu options will vary depending on where you are flying to and from. Below are some screenshots of some of the inflight meals available for pre-order to/from the UAE.

You can pre-order your meals here.

If you need to contact the Air Arabia call centre the details are right here.


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