Airline Special Meals


What are airline special meals? How do they work?  What do vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and child-friendly airline meals look like? Special meals can be requested in advance, typically at least 24 hours before departure.

To pre-order a special meal for your flight, you can usually reach out to the airline’s reservations department or contact your travel agent. Here you’ll find the most common special meal codes used by the airlines, each meal code explains the meal type, and what the meal will and won’t contain.

Specific airline information can be found here.

Allergen Meal
Asian Vegetarian Meal
Baby Meal
Bland Meal
Diabetic Meal
Fruit Platter Meal
Gluten Free Meal
Hindu Non Veg Meal
Kosher Meals
Low Calorie Meals
Low Fat Meals
Low Salt Meals
Muslim Meals
Non Lactose Meals
Raw Vegetarian
Seafood Meal
Vegan/Vegetarian Meal
Vegetarian Jain Meal
Vegetarian Lacto Ovo