What to expect when flying Austrian Airlines business class

Austrian Airlines Business Class Meal Tray

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I embarked on a 72-hour journey around the world, hopping from Air Canada, Japan Airlines, and Eva Air. The final leg of my journey was a quick hop from Vienna to Paris on Austrian Airlines.

Economy class passengers on European flights operated by Austrian Airlines do not receive complimentary meals or snacks. Instead, the airline offers a tantalising buy-on-board menu featuring delicious Viennese options like Apfelstrudel and the famous Wiener schnitzel.

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Of course, the menu options depend on the length of your flight, with the schnitzel only available on flights over 80 minutes. But fear not – the menu also features fresh food options like sandwiches and wraps, along with Julius Meinl tea and coffee, and other well-known Austrian brands.


Before takeoff, I made a pitstop at the Austrian Airlines lounge to freshen up and refuel. The lounge is a bit of a foodie’s paradise with an extensive selection of fresh fruit, hot food stations, and a top-notch coffee bar.

Austrian airlines lounge entrance Vienna airport
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Once onboard, I was happy to find a bottle of water in my seat area, but there were no pre-takeoff drinks offered.

An Austrian Airlines water bottle on a European business class seat.

Fifteen minutes after takeoff, the service began, the cabin manager served up a delicious ricotta-filled ravioli with asparagus and cherry tomatoes. He also played the role of the sommelier, recommending a local Viennese wine to go with the meal. And even though he apologised for not having the right glasses, I wouldn’t have known the difference — I was just happy to have a glass of wine!

Austrian Airlines Business Class Meal Tray

The main meal was served piping hot and was absolutely scrumptious. The service was efficient, with the cabin crew offering another round of drinks and a chocolate treat before landing.

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For dessert, I was treated to the famous chocolate mousse, which was as delectable as I’d hoped.

An European Business Class experience featuring a plate of dessert and a bowl of fruit served by Austrian Airlines.

I appreciated the attention to detail that Austrian put into even the little things, like offering real cutlery and providing a tiny wooden clip to attach the napkin to my clothing.

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All in all, a fantastic experience that was made even better by the fact that Austrian Airlines partners with Do&Co, one of my favorite airline caterers. Their food is simply top-notch, even in economy class.


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