Eva Air Business Class Review – One of the best?

Eva Air Business Class Breakfast

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I’m no stranger to EVA’s economy and premium economy classes, but recently I had the pleasure of testing out their business class during my 72-hour around-the-world journey with Air Canada, JAL, and Austrian Airlines. My journey took me from Bangkok to Vienna, and I must say, I was quite impressed with EVA’s level of service

Eva Air business class cabin

As soon as you step on board, you can tell this is going to be a swanky ride. The crew is friendly and welcoming, and the service is as polished as a pair of Italian dress shoes. You’re offered a pre-take-off drink, and being the classy individual that you are, you go for the champagne.

Eva Air Pre Take Off Champagne

Most of the other passengers had their food orders taken on the ground, but the crew ran out of time and completed your order after take-off. No worries though, because once you’re airborne, the real show begins.

First up: a Salvatore Ferragamo amenity kit and designer pyjamas by Jason Wu.

Then comes the inflight menu:

Eva Air Inflight Menu
Eva Air Inflight Menu Drinks
Eva Air Wine Menu
Eva Air Wine Menu

The first service begins with an amuse-bouche of smoked salmon and a cream cheese/pistachio tart. You pair it with a glass of delicious white wine, and your culinary journey is off to a truly delectable start.

A plate of food and a glass of wine on a table in an Eva Air business class review.

The polished and organised gaylley setup creates an inviting and welcoming atmosphere, setting the stage for a memorable and enjoyable dining experience.

A table with plates and trays of food on it, as seen in an Eva Air business class review.

The cabin crew then sets your tray table with a cloth, condiments, glassware, and cutlery.

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You notice that the airline uses Luzerne tableware in their business class cabins, (as well as their pre-order upgrade meal program for economy class customers) and you’re impressed to learn that Luzerne is a Singaporean company with over 800 trained artisans who oversee the workmanship of each piece. The brand works with big names like Daniel Boulud, Hakkasan, and even Singapore Airlines.

As you take your first spoonful of the carrot and coriander soup, your taste buds are immediately awakened by the vibrant flavors that dance on your tongue.

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You are served a prawn and smoked duck skewer garden salad as your main course. The crunchy vegetables and fresh greens are perfectly balanced with the succulent prawns and smoky duck, resulting in a delightful burst of flavors. Despite the smaller serving size than what you expected, it’s plated so beautifully that you don’t even mind.

An airplane meal tray in EVA Air's business class.
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To conclude the meal, a delightful selection of fresh fruits is served, providing a refreshing and healthy option that perfectly complements the indulgent dishes that came before.

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You sleep for about six hours and wake up feeling refreshed and ready for breakfast.

Eva Air Business Class Cabin

You order a carrot and fruit juice and are offered a refresher towel.

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The Congee with an egg cake, steamed greens, and traditional side condiments are the perfect way to end the flight. You’re sad to see it end, but you’re grateful for the experience.

Eva Air Business Class Breakfast

All in all, EVA’s business class is a luxurious and unforgettable experience that you won’t soon forget. The service was polished, the food was delicious, and the cabin crew went above and beyond to make sure you’re comfortable throughout the flight.

A woman in business class on an Eva Air flight.


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