Finnair Premium Economy Class Review: A Worthwhile Upgrade?

A tray with a fork and knife on it.

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Feel Finnair is the airline’s tagline, but after experiencing their premium economy cabin, I’m left unsure of what to feel! Recently, I had the opportunity to fly from Bangkok to Helsinki and then to Paris with Finnair. While I was excited to try out their new product, there were a few aspects that left me disappointed.

The seats in premium economy were comfortable and the amenities provided were great. However, I found the quantity of food served to be lacking. It might be a good idea to bring your own snacks on board. The quality of the food was not bad, but it wasn’t exceptional either. Additionally, there was a long gap of 7.5 hours between meals.

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I decided to upgrade to premium economy for this flight by paying around $200. While I don’t mind spending extra money for more space and amenities, I found the inflight service offering to be underwhelming and not up to my expectations.

The flight departed Bangkok at 7:15 AM, so breakfast was offered.

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Passengers could access the inflight menu using their touch screens. It was a green initiative by Finnair that helped save trees. The menu clearly stated what was included in the flight and what needed to be paid for; no surprises.

Premium economy passengers could enjoy complimentary vodka, whiskey, dairy cream, cognac, and gin. Unfortunately for economy class passengers, these drinks came with an additional charge.


The service started shortly after takeoff. There were no dedicated cabin crew for premium economy, so the crew from economy class served in the premium economy cabin before moving towards the rear of the aircraft.

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There was no choice of meals, and the same meal was offered to both premium economy and economy class passengers. The breakfast served was a standard airline breakfast, with slightly overcooked eggs. I expected more from the premium economy experience.

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However, there were plenty of snacks offered between meal services, and the crew was attentive in providing a variety of cold drinks. Premium economy passengers could also access additional drinks and snacks by walking towards the back of the aircraft.

A person holding a tray of snacks on an airplane.
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A tray full of drinks and snacks on a plane.

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The blanket and pillow provided were excellent! Even though I usually don’t use pillows inflight, this one was exceptionally comfortable.

A blanket on a plane with a pattern on it.
A blue pillow is sitting on a table in an airplane.

The amenity kit was a pleasant surprise. It included natural and organic skincare products from L:A Bruket, a Swedish company. The quality of these products clearly showed that Finnair had invested in enhancing the passenger experience. It’s just a shame about the food.

A blue sleeping bag and other items are on a table in an airplane.

The wait between meals on this flight was quite long at 7.5 hours.

During the second meal service, two main course options were available. I chose the prawns with rice and vegetables which turned out to be good, while the duck salad was delicious. However, I found the pre-packaged cookie served as dessert disappointing. I would have preferred something fresher, more creative, and representative of Nordic cuisine.

A tray full of food on a plane.
A tray with a bowl of food and forks on it.
A tray full of food on a plane.
A tray with a fork and knife on it.

It’s worth noting that proper cutlery was used during this second meal service, perhaps to elevate the dining experience.


In April 2023, Finnair changed their inflight service. Economy class passengers are no longer provided with pillows, and the service in economy class is quite limited. Only one complimentary alcoholic beverage is offered.

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Here’s a look at the economy class meal served during the second meal service.

A person holding a box of food on a plane.


Complimentary catering is not provided on Finnair flights within Europe, although blueberry juice and water are free of charge.

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I chose to pre-order two meals for €18 on my flight from Helsinki to Paris: a chicken noodle salad and a Margherita pizza. I shared the food with my travel companion, and we both agreed that the pizza was mediocre while the salad was enjoyable.

A tray with a pizza, salad, and drinks on it.

If you don’t pre-order, you can choose from a range of items available on the onboard menu.

The food in Finnair Premium Economy Class seems below average, and it disappoints me that certain food and drink items have an extra cost. Other airlines like Cathay Pacific and Emirates offer a much better premium economy food experience. I believe Finnair could improve the quality of their food offerings and be more innovative while being less focused on cutting costs. Charging for snacks in premium economy feels like they’re trying to save money instead of providing a true premium experience.


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