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Hong Kong airline meals are included in the price of your ticket, the airline offers a range of special meals and celebratory items that can be pre-ordered in economy class.

Pre Order

Pre-order items are available on flights from Hong Kong suitable for special occasions such as Champagne and a Celebration cake. These items can be ordered up to 48 before departure.

To book contact the airline on the following numbers:

Tel: +852 3916-3666 (Hong Kong SAR) , +86 898 950715(Mainland China).


All special meals will require at least 24 hours notice, but it’s best to order them as soon as possible. The special meal choices on Hong Kong Airlines include:

Indian Vegetarian Meal, Bland Meal, Baby Meal, Child Meal, Diabetic Meal, Fruit Platter Meal, Gluten Intolerant Meal, Hindu Meal, Kosher Meal, Low-Calorie Meal, Low Cholesterol Meal, Low Salt Meal, Moslem Meal, Low Lactose Meal, Vegetarian Raw Meal, No Beef Meal, Strict Indian Vegetarian, Vegetarian Vegan Meal and Vegetarian Oriental Meal.

To book your special meal contact the airline directly here.


Chef Gabriel has designed some main courses for business class passengers including Black bean tapenade gratin chicken, Pumpkin gnocchi in Genovese sauce, Grilled beef tenderloin with red date demi-glaze sauce and mixed seafood cannelloni in white mornay sauce.

The airline has introduced a pre-order meal selection service for business class passengers flying from Hong Kong to select long haul destinations. Eligible passengers can visit the Hong Kong Airlines website and pre-select their main course from 30 days before their flight up to 48 hours before departure.

You can read more about the business class experience on Hong Kong airlines here.


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