How to ‘Book the Cook’ on Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines main meal business class

How to ‘Book the Cook’ on Singapore Airlines

Planning to fly with Singapore Airlines in Suites, First Class, Business Class, or Premium Economy? Enjoy a customised inflight dining experience with their “Book the Cook” service.

“Book the Cook” lets you pre-select your meals from an array of Asian, Indian, Japanese, Western, and Singaporean cuisines. You can place your order up to 24 hours before takeoff (48 hours for Newark or Auckland departures).

Keep in mind, though, that “Book the Cook” availability varies, and it’s offered for flights lasting over 1.5 hours. So, check your booking to see if your specific route is on the list.

Singapore Airlines business class Belgian Waffles

Meal Selection

With over 50 meal options, the “Book the Cook” menu caters to all tastes across different cabin classes. The menu diversity is highest for flights departing from Singapore, as this is the airline’s home base, making it convenient for them to manage.

Don’t expect the same meal to taste identical when flying from London to Singapore or Hong Kong to Singapore. Airline catering involves numerous variables, including ingredients, cooking methods, and other factors that can significantly impact the taste and quality of meals

The service can be booked from several cities across the globe. Currently it’s available from most major cities that the airline operates to but will vary depending on their local suppliers:

  1. Suites and First Class: 18 cities
  2. Business Class: 32 cities
  3. Premium Economy: 26 cities

For the most up-to-date availability, check here.

How to Book the Cook

1. Visit the Singapore Airlines website and navigate to the “Manage Booking” section.
2. Enter your flight details and passenger information to access your booking.

The homepage of a travel website, featuring information on Air Canada's pre-order meals.

3. Scroll down to the Passengers and preferences section, find the meals section and tap on ‘select’

A screen shot of the Melbourne City Council website featuring information on how to book the Cook on Singapore Airlines.
A screen shot showcasing the contact details for booking a special meal on Singapore Airlines.

4. Under ‘Select a meal’ you will be given three choices. Inflight Menu (which allows you to pre select your main meal from your inflight menu) Book the Cook or Special Meals. Select Book the Cook here.

A screenshot of the meal selection page on Singapore Airlines' website, featuring instructions on how to book "The Cook" option.

5. You can view all cuisines or choose from the various cuisines on offer. To make your selection tap ‘Select’ on your favourite meal and ‘Save & Exit’/

A screen shot of a web page showing Air Canada's pre-order meals menu.
A screen shot of a Google search page with the keywords "air canada pre order meals" highlighted in the search bar.

6. You can make changes to your selection as long as it is not too close to the flight’s departure.

Availability varies, so a quick check ensures you’re all set for an elevated inflight dining experience. Ready to up your inflight food game?


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