How to order a meal on Malaysia Airlines

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Pre-order your meal before you fly with Malaysia Airlines in business or economy class.

The exclusive Chef on Call program is tailored for Business Class travellers, offering an exquisite menu of gourmet dishes.

Economy class passengers aren’t left behind, with the option to pre-order their in-flight meal on selected routes.

You can reserve your meal from 30 days up to 36 hours before your flight. However, Malaysia Airlines may modify the list of eligible flights without prior notice, so be sure to check the latest updates.

Currently, pre-ordering is available on flights from Kuala Lumpur to:

• Australia / New Zealand: Auckland, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney
• North Asia: Osaka, Tokyo
• Europe: London – Heathrow
• Qatar: Doha

How to order

The below steps can be used to order a special meal and the chef on call program for all passengers.

1. Begin Your Order: Visit, click on ‘Manage’, enter your booking reference number and last name, then select “Manage Booking.”

A screen shot of the sydney to sydney flights page.

2. Access Your Flight Details: On your flight overview page, select ‘Select Services’.

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3. Choose Your Meal Program: Click on ‘Chef on Call’ to pre-order from the program, or choose ‘Special Meals’ to pre-order other meal types.

A screen shot of a travel website featuring ordering a meal on Malaysia Airlines.

4. Make Your Selection: Pick your desired meals for each leg of your journey and then click ‘Confirm’.

A screen shot of a flight booking screen.
A screen shot of a shopping cart with a product on it.
A screenshot of a flight booking screen.

Confirmation: After successfully selecting your meals, you’ll be directed to a confirmation page. If you encounter any issues or need further assistance, reach out to Malaysia Airlines customer service for support.


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