How to order a special meal on Air France

air france economy class cabin

Air France offers a range of special meals on all intercontinental flights, with select availability on certain European flights in the economy class.

Business class passengers enjoy the privilege of booking special meals on most Air France-operated flights.

Ordering your meal is simple, with options to do so through the airline’s app, website, or by reaching out to their reservations department.

For a swift and seamless experience, we recommend opting for the website or app.

Special Meal Options

There are 13 special meal options, providing a diverse selection to cater to various dietary needs.

If you’re uncertain about your choice, refer to the Inflight Feed Special Meal guides to find a meal type that aligns with your preferences.

The special meals offered include:

  • Allergen-free meal
  • Gastric irritant-free meal
  • Low-sugar meal
  • Gluten-free meal
  • Low-salt meal
  • Vegan meal
  • Vegetarian meal
  • Indian vegetarian meal
  • Halal meal
  • Kosher meal
  • Hindu meal (no pork or beef)
  • Infant meal
  • Children’s meal

How to Order

1. Visit and click on “Log in with my booking reference.” Enter your Booking Reference and Last Name, then click on “Search.”

The air france special meal ordering page is highlighted.
A screenshot of the air france booking page with a special meal order option.

2. On your flight information page, tap on the arrow near the meals section.

A screen shot of a flight booking page with an option to order a special meal from Air France.

3. Scroll to the Dining section and click on “View meals for specific dietary requirements.”

A screen shot of a page with an Air France special meal order message on it.

4. Select the special meal of your choice by clicking “Confirm” and then press “Continue” to validate the order.

A screen shot of a website showing how to make a special meal.
A screen shot of a website offering an Air France special meal plan for free.

In case you encounter any issues while requesting a meal, it’s advisable to contact Air France directly for assistance.


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