How to order a special meal on Emirates

Emirates economy class cabin

Emirates allows passengers to pre-order a range of 13 special meals to accommodate different dietary needs and cultural preferences.

Here are some key details:

Special Meal Orders: Available for flights lasting more than two hours, it is recommended to make your selection at least 24 hours before departure. If you’re travelling with a child or infant, the airline’s system will automatically provide a special meal for them.

Baby Meals: Emirates provides Ella’s Kitchen organic baby meals. The crew can assist in warming bottles and may provide formulas and baby bottles on select flights.

Halal Meals: All food served on Emirates is Halal certified.

Special Meal Types

Emirates offers the following special meals:

  • Indian Vegetarian Meal
  • Non-Vegetarian Hindu Meal
  • Vegetarian Jain Meal
  • Kosher Meal
  • Bland Meal
  • Diabetic Meal
  • Gluten-Friendly Meal
  • Low Fat Meal
  • Low Salt Meal
  • Low-Lactose Meal
  • Vegan Meal
  • Child Meal
  • Baby Meal

How to order

Access Your Booking

Begin by visiting, click on ‘Manage Your Booking’ to enter your booking details.

A website with a red and white background.

Enter Booking Information

Input your booking reference and last name to access your flight details.

A screen shot of a travel website.

Navigate to Meal Selection

Once in your booking overview, look for the ‘Passenger Prefernces’ section to view the special meals available.

A screenshot of the singapore airlines website.

Choose Your Meal

Tap on Dietary Requirements and tap on Change.

The singapore airlines website is shown in red and white.

5. Next to the passenger name tap on Change to add in your special meal

A screen shot of a page with a button on it.

Select your meal and tap on save.

A screen shot of a shopping cart page.

Confirm Your Selection

Review your choice and confirm your special meal request. Ensure to do this well in advance of your flight – typically at least 24 hours before departure.

If successful you should see a confirmation page. For any problems or assistance, contact Emirates directly.

Additional Tips

Wide Selection: Emirates’ special meals cover a broad spectrum of needs, from religious observances to medical diets, ensuring that all passengers can find a meal that suits them.

Quality Assurance: All meals are prepared with the highest quality standards in mind, ensuring a delicious and satisfying dining experience.

Last-Minute Changes: If your travel plans change, update your meal selection accordingly within the allowed time frame.


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