How to order a special meal on United

United Airlines Economy Class Dinner

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On select flights, economy class passengers can order a special meal on United Airlines. Here is a step by step guide on how to order.


1- Find your confirmation code located on your email confirmation booking and visit

2- Tap on the ”My Trips” section and enter your Confirmation Number and Last Name.

A web page with a man looking at a refrigerator for preparing a special meal.

3- On the trip details screen scroll down to the special meals section.

A screen shot of the United Airlines website featuring special meal options.
A screenshot of United's website displaying their special meals.

4- Next to your name you will see a special meal dropdown box. Tap here and select your meal.

A screenshot of a web page.

5- Ensure that you receive the green tick and successful update of your request.

A United Airlines web page featuring a special menu.

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