How to pre order a meal on Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines Pre Order Meals

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On select flights within the USA, you can pre-order a meal in main cabin on Alaska Airlines flights. Food orders for Alaska Airlines can only be completed on the airlines’ app or mobile website only, meal orders open 14 days before departure. There is no need to pay for your meal when ordering, funds are collected from you inflight.


1- Find your confirmation code located on your email confirmation booking, on your cell/mobile phone go to or use the airlines’ app.

2- Go to My Trips/Reservations and enter your last name and confirmation code, then tap on search.

3- If you accessed the mobile website, scroll down towards ”Passenger Information”’ you will notice seating details and food. Tap on ”Pre Order Now” or “Reserve Now” on the airlines’ app.

alaska airlines mobile app food ordering

4- You should now see the inflight menu for your upcoming flight. To select your meal choices tap on the ”add” box to select that meal.

a menu on the app of a restaurant.

5- If you tap “view” on the menu item, a pop up will display nutritional information for you.

a cell phone showing a menu for a fruit and cheese platter.

6- Once you’re happy with your choices select ”continue” on the bottom right of the screen.

a menu on the app of a restaurant.

7- You will then be presented with the Summary page, to confirm your order ensure that you tap on ”Reserve”.

a cell phone showing the pricing for a meal.

8- Your food reservation will be sent to the airline.

a cell phone showing a menu for a restaurant.

9- You can always edit or cancel your food reservation by tapping on ”View Food Reservation”.

a cell phone with a menu on the screen.

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