How to pre order a meal on American Airlines

American Airlines hummus box meal

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At the moment AA has temporarily suspended the option to pre-order a meal on domestic services. Once that changes this content will be updated, this content was last updated October 2023.


1- Head to and select the ”My Trips” tab, enter your First Name, Surname and Booking Reference. To find your booking reference number look for your original flight booking email confirmation it should be displayed there.

american airlines manage my booking

2- Once you have successfully entered your details you should be able to access all the booking information. Scroll down past the flight details information and you’ll notice a ”reserve your meals” section.

a screen shot of an american airlines website.

3- Select the ”Place your Order” button. The pop-up screen will display all the menu options available for your flight.

a screen shot of a flight information page.

4- Select the meal that you would like to order and then select ”Save and Exit”.

a screenshot of a computer screen with a log in.
a computer screen with a menu on it.

5- Your meal will be delivered to you inflight on your AA flight, you’ll need to pay the flight attendants by credit card.

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1- Head to or the airlines’ app then tap on ”My Trips”.

a cell phone showing a flight information page.

2- Enter your First Name, Last Name and Booking Reference then tap on ”Find your Trip”.

a screen shot of an airplane ticket application.

3- On the trip details screen scroll down until you see the ”Reserve a Meal” section.

a screenshot of a cell phone showing a menu for a meal.

4- Tap on ”Place Your Order” on the pop up select the meal that you prefer, and tap on ”Save and Exit”.

a cell phone showing a menu for a meal.

5- Your meal is now confirmed, and you will pay for it inflight with a credit card. To modify your meal request you can follow the same steps to change the meal type.

a screenshot of a cell phone with a menu on the screen.


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