How to order a special meal on Virgin Atlantic

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On Virgin Atlantic flights you can pre-order a special meal to suit your dietary requirements. Follow the below steps to add a meal to your reservation, instructions for the web and app are both offered.


2- Tap on the ”My Booking” section and enter your Booking Reference, First Name and Last Name. (Your booking reference can be found on your confirmation email)

a website page for a travel company.

3- You’ll be taken to the My Booking section which displays all your flights. Scroll down to view the ”Choose Meals” section.

a screen shot of a web page for a hotel.

4- On the ”Request meals and special assistance” pop up tap on ”Request Meals” and scroll down.

a screen shot of a flight information page.

5- On your flight details select your meal from the dropdown box, click to agree and tap on ”Request Meal”.

a screen shot of a red and white email form.

6- A green tick indicates a successful meal order.

a screen shot of a web page with a red and white checkout.

7- You can also change your special meal up to 24 hours before departure by tapping on remove and following the steps again to order another meal.

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1- Access the Virgin Atlantic app.

2- Enter your name and booking reference details then tap on ”Find Your Booking”.

a cell phone with a boarding application on the screen.

3- On the booking overview screen scroll down to see additional details.

the boston hotel app on the iphone.
a screen shot of a boarding application on a cell phone.

4- Scroll further down until you find ”Meals and Assistance” then tap on ”Add”.

a screen shot of a flight ticket application.

5- On the meals and assistance screen tap on the + to add your meals.

a cell phone with a menu for meals and assistance.

6- Agree to the terms and conditions pop-up.

a cell phone with a menu on the screen.

7- Finally select your meal on the screen and tap ”Save Request”.

a cell phone with a menu on the screen.


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