How to pre order meals on Air Canada

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How to pre-order meals and vouchers on Air Canada

You can pre-order special meal options on Air Canada for the following flights:

International Flights

Business Class: Special meals are available for pre-order on all international Business Class flights.
Premium Economy and Economy Class: Special meals are available for pre-order on international flights departing from Canada to Europe, Asia, South America, and Australia.

Please note that special meals must be pre-ordered at least 24 hours before your departure time. To guarantee availability, it is recommended to make your meal selection at the time of booking or as early as possible.

How to Order a Special Meal on Air Canada

1. Visit the Air Canada website.

2. Enter your booking reference number or ticket number, along with your surname and tap on ‘find’.

The Austrian Airlines pre-order meal option is displayed on the Air Canada website.

3. Once you have entered the correct details, your booking information will be displayed. Scroll down to find the passenger details section.

A screenshot of Austrian Airlines' pre-order meal page.

4. Click on the “Dietary Restrictions” area.

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5. From the provided list, select your desired special meal and click on “Update” to confirm your selection.

A screenshot of a WordPress page featuring a button for pre-ordering meals on Austrian Airlines.


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