How to Pre Order Meals on Scoot

A tray with food and drinks on it sits on an airplane, showing the convenience of pre-ordering meals on Scoot.

Pre-Ordering Meals on Scoot

For a personalised dining experience on your next Scoot flight, follow these simple steps to pre-order your meal.

Whether you’re in the mood for local Singaporean dishes or prefer international cuisine, Scoot’s offers a range of meals for all tastes.

Please Note

  • Meal presentations may differ from their pictures.
  • Halal-certified ingredients are used for Muslim meals.
  • Trace allergens may be present in meals.
  • Last-minute bookings may receive an alternative meal selection.
  • Proof of purchase required on board for pre-ordered meals.
  • Menu items are subject to change, and in such cases, an alternative will be provided.
  • Meal availability varies by route.

How to Pre Order

Begin the Process

Launch your browser and go to Scoot’s official website

Click on ‘Your booking’ and proceed to ‘Manage booking’.

A travel booking website with mountains and mountains.

Enter Your Details

Input your booking reference number and email or other personal details as requested.

A screenshot of the manage my booking page.

Add Meal:

On the ‘Manage your booking’ page, scroll to the ‘Meals’ section and click on ‘Add Now’.

Bangkok to singapore - screenshot.
A screenshot of a mobile app with a yellow and black screen.

Choose Your Meal: The available meal options will be displayed. Review your choices and select your preferred meal.

Confirm and Pay: If you’re in Economy Class, follow the prompts to make a payment for your meal selection. (Scoot Plus passengers enjoy complimentary meals)

A screen shot of the addons website.

Receive Confirmation: After payment, you should receive an email confirming your pre-ordered meal.

Remember to pre-order your meal at least 72 hours before departure to ensure your selected meal is available during your flight.


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