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To minimise physical contact, the airline has simplified the onboard service and included temporary measures such as using single-use disposable cutlery. They have also suspended the ordering of special meals and all onboard sales.

On long-haul flights, blankets and pillows are hygienically sealed before every flight. Pillows and blankets are not available on short and medium-haul flights.


Iberia meals may or may not be included in the price of your ticket. For all long-haul services to/from Spain, meals are included for economy class passengers. Free meals in economy class on shorter flights with a flying time of over 4.5 hours as well as on flights to Dakar, Malabo, Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Tel Aviv.

On flights within Europe under 4.5 hours, you can purchase inflight meals and snacks from the onboard cafe.

Meal Services Long Haul

Between 0400 am to 1030 am expect a breakfast service, followed by a cold afternoon tea service.

Between 1031 am to 0730 pm expect a hot lunch service, followed by a cold afternoon tea service.

Between 0731 pm to 0359 am expect a hot dinner service, followed by a cold breakfast offering.

Upgrade Meals

Iberia has introduced some pre-order meals for long haul economy class passengers who want to upgrade their meals. These meals resemble more of a premium cabin dining experience.

You can pre-order these from 30 days up to 24 hours before departure on most long-haul flights ex Madrid.


Iberia special meals can be booked by anyone travelling in business class except on flights under 90mins. For economy class, you can request a special meal on flights that are over 4.5 hours in duration. Special meals require 24 hours to order with Kosher meals requiring 48 hours notice.

Meals available include, Asian vegetarian meal, Oriental vegetarian meal, Raw vegetarian meal, Strict vegetarian meal, Low-calorie meal, Bland diet, No lactose meal, Low-fat meal, Low-sodium meal, Diabetic, Gluten-Free, Baby meal, Kids’ meal, Kosher meal, Islamic meal, Non-vegetarian Indian meal, Jain vegetarian meal, Fruit platter and Seafood meal.

For special meals information, check here. You can manage your booking and order a special meal right here.


On long-haul routes, Iberia works with famed chefs Dani García, Paco Roncero, Toño Pérez and Ramón Freixa in order Iberia business class customers an exclusive experience of flavours. Meals are matched carefully with Spanish wines.


For additional information on Iberia Express inflight menu choices, please check here.


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