Review: Asiana Airlines Business Class

asiana inflight breakfast business class

This was my first time on Asiana and the star alliance member is known for offering great meals inflight, my flight departed from Tokyo Haneda airport bound for Seoul at 0620.

asiana inflight menu business class

It’s the first time I’ve seen an inflight menu with the calories listed next to each meal.

The two hour morning flight offered two choices in business class, a Western or Korean option. The western option consisted of a plain omelette with ratatouille, sausage, mushroom and potato, or the local option of porridge.

asiana inflight breakfast business class

I opted for Korean rice porridge served with beef and vegetables, accompanied by some Korean side dishes and fruit.

The warm and healthy breakfast was a delicious choice I enjoyed it immensely. This short flight with Asiana Airlines was enjoyable, the crew was friendly, professional and hospitable.


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