Review: Finnair Business Class Europe

Finnair business class meal tray offering

I flew Finnair to attend the Qualityhunters weekend in Helsinki the airline provided return business class flights from Dusseldorf to Helsinki and Helsinki to Milan several days later.

Finnair Business class meal

The Marimekko inspired/designed menu from Dusseldorf included:

Cherry tomatoes with Mozzarella.
Butter chicken with basmati rice.
Godiva pralines.

Finnair business class meal tray offering

From Helsinki to Milan I sampled:

Mousse of smoked salmon with sweet dark rye bread.
Beef goulash with a herb polenta.
Godiva pralines.

Both meals were of a high-quality standard. I enjoyed the Beef Goulash with the herb polenta; however, the butter chicken was exceptional and flavourful. It may not have presented well, but it was delicious.

For passengers travelling in economy class, Finnair offers a buy onboard meal concept where you can purchase snacks as well as sandwiches. Since writing this post Finnair have announced a new range of pre-order meals that cost €10.00 per meal.

They include: salad with smoked salmon, enchilada with tomato sauce, beef burgundy, pasta bolognese and chicken korma. There are a limited number of meals available to purchase on flights; at a cost of €12.00 per meal. Meals can’t be pre-ordered on flights within Finland, and flights to and from Stockholm, St. Petersburg, Dubai, Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius, and flights from Madrid to Helsinki.


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