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Icelandair business class meal preparation

Here’s a quick review of my first time flying with Icelandair. I booked a ticket from Frankfurt to New York for the Christmas holidays, this review covers economy and Saga class meals. You can read a more up to date review here.


Economy class passengers on Icelandair do not have inflight meals included in the price of their tickets. There are two different inflight menus for economy class; the first for flights to and from Europe and the second for flights to and from North America.

Business-class passengers can select meals offered from the menu inflight.


The food packaging introduces Icelandic nature to passengers, is eco-friendly and unique.

It was Christmas time; therefore, a special menu (in addition to the standard menu) was provided. The cabin crew were in the spirit of Christmas handing out free cookie as well as complimentary Christmas drinks like Malt and Appelsin and Icelandic Christmas Beer.

Having not been to Iceland before I was a little shocked at the prices inflight, however, if you compare them to the costs of meals locally the prices are in line with the local market. There’re no special meals available to order in economy class and if you have any special dietary requirements it’s best to bring some snacks along.


Icelandair trio of mini burgers

Mini Burgers EUR10.00

You’ll receive three burgers and a delicious dipping sauce, they were quite tasty.

Icelandair inflight meal box

Special Christmas Platter EUR12.00

Consisted of slices of turkey, ham, venison pate, herring, sauteed mushrooms and potato salad, it was tasty, fresh and traditional.

Icelandair economy class meal chicken

Chicken With Green Curry And Mango Salsa With Rice EUR13.00

The chicken was tender, moist and delicious.


Passengers in Saga class will enjoy complimentary meals and drinks. Meals include a choice of two main courses on routes to Europe and three meal choices on flights to the USA. There are also amenities like hot towels, newspapers, pillows and blankets.

On my flight from Reykjavik to Frankfurt I was offered a meal of:

Starter of Smoked Salmon
Omelette Cherry Tomatoes Bacon Asparagus and Potatoes

Inflight breakfast served in business class on Icelandair

There was a choice of bakery items as well as bottomless cups of tea, coffee and other hot drinks. Compared to economy class, the meals were just as good if not better, and the service provided by the crew was excellent.

I would happily fly Icelandair again, creative inflight menus and locally inspired dishes make for a fun inflight meal experience.

Icelandair Coffee and Sick Bag


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