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indigo airlines meal

I travelled to India recently to fly a number of airlines and experience what they have to offer inflight. My first experience with Indigo Airlines was a 1.20min flight from Mumbai to Bangalore. Before my flight, I pre-ordered a range of items that are available to book online.

The airline doesn’t offer free meals or snacks; you must pay for everything, onboard menus are limited, so best to pre-order if you can. Expect things like Punjabi Veg Samosas, Sandwiches, Rava Upma, Biryani and Cup Noodles. If you book a ‘Comfort and Convenience’ airfare, the cabin crew let you choose food and drink items from the menu for free.


For INR400 (About €5) you can order a birthday cake, I thought it would be fun to order it. It was a chocolate nut and fudge style cake and was made with quality ingredients and tasted great.


I pre-ordered a vegetarian option for INR250 (€3) and was given a choice of options inflight; I selected the Punjabi Samosas which are served at room temperature and delivered in newspaper style packaging.

indigo airlines samosa

As part of the buy onboard menu, Indigo offers collectable tins that have either cookies or nuts; they are quite popular with the airline’s frequent flyers. For such a short flight it was excellent, the cabin crew were well-groomed, warm, friendly and welcoming. I enjoyed my Indigo experience the airline has a friendly fun vibe.

indigo airlines meal


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