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Pegasus airlines inflight sushi meal

Low-cost airline Pegasus Airlines based in Turkey offers some quality inflight meals that are available to purchase onboard or pre-order before your flight. I took a domestic flight from Izmir to Istanbul, and then visited the airlines catering supplier Do&Co for a tour.

Meals are not always included depending on the type of airfare that you purchase. If you book the cheapest ticket, called “Essentials”, you will not receive any meals or drinks. However, passengers booking “Advantage” fare levels will receive a sandwich and a drink. Passengers who book “Extras” fare levels will receive hot meals and beverages on international flights and sandwiches and drinks on domestic flights.

Chicken schnitzel economy class pre order meal Pegasus airlines

The airline offers an extensive range of pre-order meals including Chicken Schnitzel, Sushi, a variety of Salads, Hot Breakfast Trays, Cakes and my favourite The Steak. If you forget to pre-order a meal, you can still make purchases inflight.

Pegasus airlines inflight steak economy class

On my very short one hour flight from Izmir to Istanbul, I sampled the Beef Steak – A grilled fillet of beef served with grilled vegetables, and potato bake, served with a Turkish salad and chocolate cake.

I wasn’t expecting such quality food on a low-cost airline the meat was tender and tasty, akin to something you would receive in business class on an international airline.

I sampled more of their pre-order meals in Istanbul at the Do & Co inflight catering kitchen at Istanbul Airport. Sushi is available on select flights costing €12.00 it’s produced in-house by a trained sushi chef, and it’s delicious.

The schnitzel costs €9.00 and includes baked potatoes, a side salad as well as the delicious chocolate mousse. The quality of all meals served on the airline is impressive; it’s great to see such high-quality meals being offered by a low-cost airline.

I visited Pegasus again in 2019 and you can read more about it here.


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