Review: Scoot Biz Meals

Scoot Airlines economy class meals

I flew with Scoot from Bangkok to Singapore in their ‘biz’ business-class cabin to sample the Scoot biz meals. The airline doesn’t offer any free meals in economy class on the cheapest tickets, however, in their premium cabin meals are included.

Before take-off, the cabin crew pass through the cabin to take the meal orders, and meals are selected from the printed inflight menu from economy class. The meal choices included:

Scoot airlines snacks and drinks

Beef Bourguignon Pasta Stew, Baked Chicken Mushroom Rice or Thai Red Curry. Included with your meal is a non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverage and Pringles.

Scoot Airlines economy class meals

I opted for the baked chicken mushroom rice dish, chicken chunks baked with mushrooms and chestnuts and served with rice. It’s a delicious dish with the right amount of spices and is served piping hot.

Only one meal is included and I purchased the Thai red curry for SGD$12.00. It was a little spicy and extremely difficult to open initially, and it’s served with some mixed brown rice, it’s quite good.

The only negative feedback I have is concerning the meals offered. If passengers are paying more to sit in a premium cabin they should be provided with enhanced meal offerings, not provided with economy class meals.


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