Review: SpiceJet India Domestic Economy Class

Spicejet economy class meals

Spicejet is a low-cost airline in India and I booked a flight between Bangalore to Mumbai to experience the inflight service. During the booking process, I pre-ordered a hot vegetarian meal option and I ordered the inflight birthday cake. Passengers who pre-order their meals are served first, further information on their meals can be found here.


The cabin crew thought it was my birthday, but I quickly explained that it wasn’t and that I just ordered it for the fun of it. It caught the attention of the passengers opposite me, and we started discussing the inflight food on Spicejet, one thing lead to another and I ended up sharing the cake with them, other passengers, and the crew.

The cake itself wasn’t anything to write home about, it was full of cream, and wasn’t to my liking, but the other passengers enjoyed it.


Spicejet economy class meals

The first thing that I noticed was the unique packaging I thought it was quite innovative. The unboxing part was fun with various components to the meal, when there’s no inflight entertainment, your food can provide some enjoyment and entertainment.

Spicejet economy class pre order meal

The vegetarian biryani came with a small dessert and a bread roll. The meal was a little spicy but manageable, and it was delicious. The airline offers a vast range of pre-order meal options, with prices from only USD$3.40 per meal, a bargain.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with SpiceJet, a great airline with decent meal prices and a range of pre-order meals to choose from. I found the crew to be hospitable and helpful and would fly them again.


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