Review: Sri Lankan Airlines Economy Class Long Haul

Sri Lankan airlines economy class meal

I flew with Sri Lankan Airlines from Frankfurt to Colombo in economy class to sample the onboard experience.

Printed inflight menus were distributed in economy class which was a nice surprise. The airline offers the EGB Ginger Drink which is traditionally used as an appetiser in Sri Lanka, it’s made from real ginger and is non-alcoholic.

From Frankfurt to Colombo I sampled the chicken Thai red curry with Chinese vegetables and steamed rice served with a salad and orange cheesecake.

Sri Lankan airlines economy class meal

The salad and dessert were enjoyable, however, the main meal wasn’t to my liking; it lacked quality and flavour.

Sri Lankan airlines economy class meal

On my return to Frankfurt, the meal was a five-spice chicken curry with pasta salad and almond cake. Yet again I wasn’t impressed with the meal and thought it was quite average.

The inflight service provided was adequate, however, it was quite an average experience on both flights.


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