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azores airlines business class meal

Azores Airlines is a small airline based in Ponta Delgada, with a fleet of seven aircraft flying to destinations in North America, Europe and Africa. I booked a return flight from Lisbon to Ponta Delgada in business class to experience the inflight service.


It was a lunchtime service from Lisbon to Ponta Delgada and the flight time was about two hours. Firstly the airline offered a drink service and served a small bag of Azorean snacks.

azores airlines business class snack and wine

After drinks lunch was served, which consisted of chicken served with beans and courgette.

azores airlines business class lunch

The chicken was bland and rubbery and the vegetables were overcooked, the muffin was ok so I just ended up eating that.


Before the flight departure, I decided to investigate the airline’s lounge, which was quite a lovely space and a quiet oasis from the noisy terminal.

azores airlines business class lounge food

There was no fresh food available, however, a good range of drinks and packaged snacks to choose from.

It was an early morning departure from Ponta Delgada, I wasn’t too sure what they would serve inflight, and tried to keep an open mind about things.

azores airlines business class meal

The main meal was an omelette with cheese and mushroom; it was quite bland, had a tough texture and was hard to chew. The same muffin made another appearance and there was some fresh fruit.

Overall the inflight service was quite good on both flights; the crew spoke excellent English and worked efficiently. It wasn’t a fantastic inflight service experience, but not unpleasant either.


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