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condor airlines business class meal

Condor established in 1955 is a German-based airline based in Frankfurt with about 45 aircraft flying to Europe and destinations in Asia, Africa, North America and South America.

This review covers:

Frankfurt to Seattle in business class onboard their Boeing 767 aircraft which has a new business class installed since 2014.

Frankfurt to Las Palmas in economy class onboard their short-haul A320 aircraft.


Immediately after takeoff, the cabin crew take meal orders and serve drinks to everyone before the main meal service. I order a tomato juice as it tastes great at 35,000ft and the cabin crew provide some packaged nuts.

condor airlines business class inflight menu

For a leisure airline, I wasn’t expecting linen cloths and printed menus and was pleasantly surprised.



Creamy cheese and herb dip

Chicken breast with herb crust bulgur and mango salad and curried creme fraiche.

Avocado parley mousse, quinoa salad, scampi skewer and smoked salmon fillet.

Green salad with thousand island dressing.



Veal steak with herbs, creamy leaf spinach and sweet potatoes.


Red snapper with mustard sauce, grilled vegetables and potato mash with chives.


German ravioli stuffed with a vegetable filling served with a tomato and red wine sauce.

condor airlines business class entree plates

The entree was a beautiful assortment of tastes that presented well and was fresh and delicious.

condor business class main meal pasta

Once I finished the entree, the cabin crew cleared away the tray and delivered my hot meal. I chose the vegetarian ravioli, which also presented well and tasted great.

Then it was time for a cheese board and dessert; a passion fruit champagne tartlet. The way they presented the condiment with the cheese board was quite unique.

condor airlines business class meal second service

The second meal service consisted of chicken on sticks, a tortilla wrap and a small dessert. Slightly basic when compared to the previous service, however still enjoyable and delicious. Generally, most second meal services offer a quick delivery method for the cabin crew as they don’t have a lot of time to complete the inflight service before landing.

Overall the meal experience was fantastic for this flight, as I didn’t know what to expect; I had no idea it would be this good—lovely food paired with excellent inflight service.


On short-haul services from Germany to various destinations in Europe, the airline doesn’t offer any free meals. However, you can pre-order hot meal options when booking your ticket. I’ve flown Condor many times, and I’ll always order a meal as I find they’re of excellent quality and offer some fresh fruits and starters too.

condor pre order meal economy class chicken
condor pre order meal economy class chicken

The premium pre-order menu consisted of chicken curry with potato salad, assorted cheese, mango cake and a chocolate brownie. There’s also water, some whole grain bread and a mini Snickers bar. For €11.00 it offers great value. The chicken curry was fantastic, there was so much food, and I love the fact that the side dishes are all fresh food options.

condor economy class meal pre order

For the return sector from Las Palmas to Frankfurt, I sampled a traditional German dish, and I loved every bite. The main meal was beef with German spaetzle (a type of pasta/noodle) with vegetables and chicken, cheese and a chocolate slice—an excellent tasty meal that offers value for money.

These meal options have now changed and Condor offers a different inflight meal product now, you can read about it here.


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