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Go Air India business class meal

As part of a recent trip to India, I had the opportunity to fly with Go Air, a low-cost airline based in Mumbai. My flight from Delhi to Mumbai was originally booked in economy class and I pre-ordered something to eat. Upon check-in,  the airline was offering cheap upgrades to business class, so I decided to take advantage of the offer.

Go Air don’t include meals for economy class passengers, instead, you can pre-order a range of snacks and sandwiches in economy class.


The business class cabin is quite similar to European business class, the seat in the middle is free, you have lounge access and inflight meals included. The dinner provided was Dahl with vegetables and rice, a small salad, some and Gulab Jamun. It was quite a decent meal but looks rather like an economy class meal.

Go Air India business class meal

The hot meal was good, similar to what you would receive in economy class on Air India and Vistara in premium economy. The best part of this meal tray was the Gulab Jamun, these are like small doughnuts and drenched in scented sugar syrup.


I asked the crew if it was possible to have my economy class pre-order meal that I had purchased online, and within a few minutes, it turned up. Inside the box were two samosas, they were quite good, not too oily and great value for money.

The experience with Go Air was fine, I found the crew to be friendly and professional and would happily fly the airline again.


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