Review: Ukraine International Airlines Economy Class

ukraine international airlines pre order meal

On a recent trip to Greece, I decided to fly the long way and overnight in Kyiv to sample the Ukraine International pre-order meals in economy class. The airline doesn’t offer free meals in economy on most European flights, although you can make purchases from the inflight menu onboard or pre-order a meal.

I pre-ordered two meals when I booked my ticket online.


ukraine international airlines pre order meal

For €9.00 the meal offers good value when compared to similar pre-order meal programs. It’s a standard economy class meal tray that you would typically receive on a long haul flight in economy class.

The meal wasn’t that great; it’s a chicken burger swimming in an orange sauce placed next to some bland, overcooked vegetables. To top it off, the dessert tasted cheap, however, the salad was edible.

The next day from Kyiv to Athens I received the same meal again in error. However, this time it came with a different dessert and salad, so all was not lost.

A very mediocre economy class experience on Ukraine International Airlines. I’ve since heard that the airline has upgraded their inflight menus and the quality offered is substantially better.


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