Review: Wow Air Iceland

wow air meal

For a trip to Iceland at the beginning of the year, I decided to fly with Wow Air as it’s been three years since I last flew them. Wow, are based at Reykjavik airport and fly to many destinations in Europe as well as the USA. You can pre-order a meal with them when booking your ticket online, which is what I did on this flight.

Wow Air collapsed in May of 2019, but are trying to recommence operations.


Pre-ordering your meal on Wow Air is quite simple. Once you have made your booking, you can visit their manage my booking function and add your meals. Note that if you’re booking connecting flights, the meal will only be served on your flight ex Iceland.

My pre-order meal arrived promptly after take off, and I also decided to buy my favourite yoghurt, the super bar and sparkling water.

wow air meal

The spicy chicken with rice, corn and one carrot was quite good, the chicken was moist and spicy. It was probably a little more expensive than other pre-order meal programs I have experienced, but you have to remember that these meals are made in Iceland, and everything is expensive there.

wow air meal


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