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swiss airlines business class meal

Swiss is probably one of my favourite airlines to travel with. Even in economy class the airline still offers something to eat. Here’s a collection of business and economy class meals served on flights within Europe.


Swiss business class meal short european flight

On a short hop of 55 mins from Brussels and Zurich I received this orange, fig and jam served with a truffle and mint pate, a typically Swiss cheeseboard that’s served on cheese slate and Tiramisu for dessert. While the service inflight was swift this meal impressed, it was mouthwatering, fresh, presented well and so very Swiss.

Swiss Airlines business class breakfast

An early departure from Athens to Zurich offered a breakfast service of scrambled eggs with grilled tomato, broccoli and sausages, fresh fruit, yoghurt and that cheese board made another appearance.

Swiss Airlines business class breakfast

On another early hop across Europe, the airline offered an omelette and sausage served with spinach, and tomato relish with bircher muesli, fresh bread and jam and the Swiss cheese slate.

Swiss Airlines business class dinner

Lunchtime service from Corfu to Geneva with a flight time under two hours offered a chicken in mushroom sauce with vegetables and rice, a fresh garden salad, yoghurt orange dessert and cheese!


A daytime flight from Athens to Zurich offered an unboxing experience that included a potato salad with salmon, Emmental cheese and a coffee mousse dessert. This creatively packaged, and delicious inflight snack box is more enjoyable than a sandwich or basic snack offering.

I enjoy flying with Swiss, staff are professional, and the inflight service is generally excellent. Their inflight meal tray concepts in business class are clean, crisp and appealing to all senses. The food is abundant, high quality and represents the true essence of the country.


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