Jazeera Airways

A blue and white logo for Jazera featuring Japan Airlines meals.


Jazeera Airways is a Kuwait based airline offering business and economy class. Economy class does not include free meals, except on flights to Cairo.

Business-class includes complimentary catering which changes every month. All meals served on Jazeera Airways are Halal and note that the airline does not serve alcohol.


Jazeera Airways allows you to pre-order as many meals as you wish when booking online. You must order at least 24 hours before departure and hot meals are only available on flights to Kathmandu, Dhaka, Colombo, Chennai, London Heathrow, and Sarajevo.

Hot meal options include Mushroom Omelette, Potato Frittata, Grilled Halloumi, Biryani Chicken, Penne Bolognese and Vegetarian Lasagna. Meals cost KWD4000 each. 

Other meal options include salads, sandwiches and wraps all starting from KWD1.500. Meals must be ordered at least 24 hours before departure, further information can be found here.


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