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Jetstar Premium Pre Order Meal Singapore

It was my first time flying with the Singaporean based Jetstar Asia, I’ve flown with Jetstar Australia on a long haul service before, and you can read about that here. I booked a flight from Singapore to Phuket and when offered the meal choices during the booking process, I selected one naturally. Here’s a look at some of the pre-order meals that you can choose when flying with Jetstar Asia.


Meals on Jetstar Asia start at about SGD$12 and go as far as SGD$22.00 for their premium meal range. For my flight, I ordered the Nasi Lemak with Chicken Satay, one of the premium meal options that include three side dishes, and shown as being delivered on a meal tray.

Jetstar Singapore Pre Order Meals
Jetstar Singapore Pre Order Meals


Here’s what was available to purchase inflight from their buy onboard menu.

Jetstar Singapore Cafe Menu
Jetstar Singapore Onboard Meal Menu
Jetstar Singapore Inflight Menu


About ten minutes after takeoff, I was given my hot meal and three side dishes and there was no meal tray provided as per the airlines’ photos on their website. The cost of the meal was cheaper than their competitor Scoot, but I’m still trying to see the value in this meal. Similar meals in Europe on say Austrian airlines cost around EUR15 and provide much better value for money and better quality food.

Jetstar Premium Pre Order Meal Singapore

I received the hot meal, water, coffee crumble cake, Himalayan sea salt candies and some goji berry snacks. The hot meal was ok, not amazing, but not horrible either. I skipped the egg and ate the chicken, which was quite tender, and the rice was pretty good too. The number of snacks provided was adequate, and I kept the packaged snacks for another time. It would have been nice to perhaps receive some fresh side options like a salad, or fruit.

I understand that buy on board and pre-order airline catering is not sold in large quantities, so airlines have to mark it up accordingly. Ancillary revenues are a large part of low-cost airline earning, and the food can have quite a hefty markup. But when I compare what I paid for this and what I’ve received on other airlines, I wonder about the value of this meal concept.


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