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Nok air is a Thai based airline partly owned by Thai Airways and part of the Value Alliance group. Meals are not included, however, you will receive complimentary water.

You can choose from an extensive range of products onboard, and a selection of well-priced pre-order meals.

There are three fare types to choose from when making a flight booking with Nok Air; if you select the Nok MAX fare bundle, you can choose a meal up to the value of THB150.


You can pre-order a hot meal up to 24hours before departure on Nok Air Boeing 737 flights. Hot meal options include items such as lobster with stir-fried chillies and salt, stir-fried noodles, salmon lasagna, yellow curry rice and many more. Meals are very well priced from only THB150 (around USD$5).

How to Order

Head to the manage my booking function right here.

Enter your booking number and last name.

Follow the prompts to the meal order.

Select your inflight meal.

Confirm and pay.

Ensure that you have your boarding pass ready onboard the aircraft to show cabin crew the proof of purchase.


Onboard Nok Air flights it’s possible to purchase inflight meals starting at THB150 as well as:

Water 30THB

Sprite/Coke/Juices 50THB

Hot Drinks 50THB

Snacks from 30THB


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