Pegasus Airlines

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Pegasus airlines inflight meals are not included in the price of some airline tickets. The airline which is based in Turkey offers a buy onboard menu and an extensive range of pre-order meals.

There are four different fare levels which may or may not include airline food in the price of your ticket.

Passengers booking “Essentials”, ”Basic” and ”Business” fares will not receive any meals or drinks. However, passengers booking “Advantage” fare levels will receive a meal.

You can read about the Pegasus pre-order meals here.


Pegasus offers passengers the choice of 15 different inflight meal options which can be pre-ordered when booking your ticket online. Meals must be pre-ordered at least 24 hours before departure and start from only €5.00.

Pre-order inflight meal options include Sushi, Grilled fillet steak, chicken schnitzel, hot breakfast trays, salads and kids meals plus more; you also save 20% by pre-ordering before your flight.

For those who don’t pre-order, the airline offers the inflight Pegasus Cafe, which also offers hot meals, snacks and drinks for purchase inflight.

Order up to 24 hours before departure via the airlines’ app, call centre or online right here.


Special meals can be ordered for a fee on most Pegasus Airlines flights and include options:

Baby Meal, Diabetic, Gluten-Free, Kosher, Kids, Lactose, Low Fat, Low Calorie, Low Salt, Peanut Free Meal, Seafood Meal and Vegetarian.


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