How to pre order a meal on Austrian Airlines

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How to pre-order a meal on Austrian Airlines European services.

1- Head to and select the airline you’re flying with (Austrian) or just head here:

A woman is holding a box on a website and wondering how to order a special meal on Lufthansa.

2- Scroll down to enter your booking code, first name and surname and press continue.

A screen shot of an application form that demonstrates how to order a special meal on Lufthansa.

3- Eligible flights will display a black “Select” button, tap this to look at your inflight options.

A screen shot of the booking page for a flight, including information on how to order a special meal on Lufthansa.

4- Available options will be displayed. Tap on ‘Add to shopping cart’ to order.

A website displaying a range of food items available for order on Lufthansa flights.
A website showcasing various delectable food options while providing guidance on ordering a special meal on Lufthansa.

5- The system will confirm your choice. Now press the ‘To shopping basket’ button.

A screen shot demonstrating how to order a special meal on Lufthansa's add to shopping basket page.

6- The shopping basket screen allows you to add quantities of the meal. Enter your email to receive your booking confirmation and press ‘Submit Order’.

A screen shot of a receipt for a special meal ordered on Lufthansa.

7- You will see a confirmation message after this and receive an email.

There is no need to pay for the meal when ordering, as payment will be collected inflight!


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