Royal Air Maroc

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Royal Air Maroc meals are included in the price of all tickets.  On most long haul services the airline will offer two meal services to all passengers in economy class. Hot dishes will have two choices, and your meal tray will come with a starter and dessert. Moroccan and French wines as well as other alcoholic beverages are also offered inflight.

On flights less than 2 hours, a cold snack will be served with hot and cold drinks, on all other flights expect hot meals.

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On most flights you can pre-order a special meal at the time of making your booking, ensure you do this at least 48 hours before departure.

Meals that can be ordered include:

Asian Vegetarian, Baby Meal, Bland, Child Meal, Diabetic Meal, Hindu, Kosher, Low Calorie, Low Salt, Vegetarian, Vegetarian (with dairy).

To order your special meal contact the airline here.

Further information can be found here.


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