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S7 airline meals are included in the price of your ticket. Your flight time and destination will determine what sort of meal service is offered.

On flights up to two hours, you’ll be offered sparkling and plain water, two to three-hour flights will offer hot and cold drinks and cereal bars.

On flights from three to five hours, you’ll be offered a sandwich, hot and cold drinks. On flights lasting more than five hours, you will be offered hot meals.


On all S7 operated flights over 3 hours, you can pre-order a special meal with prices starting from 150 roubles. The meals can be ordered up to 24 hours before departure. Business-class passengers can order special meals for free.

The following meals can be ordered:

Baby meal – Includes a soft roll, fruit puree, vegetable puree, a 20ml milk pack.
Kids Meal – Includes a vegetable salad, fruit salad, bread, a hot meal of Chicken with macaroni.
Fish – Includes a side salad, fish hot meal-offering, bread and a KitKat.
Vegetarian – Includes a green salad, vegetarian main meal, biscuits and jam.
Muslim Meal – Includes a vegetable salad, fruit salad, bread, a hot meal of beef stew.
Gluten-Free – Includes a side salad, chicken stew, fruit salad and pastry.
Lactose- Free – Includes a side salad, beef with vegetables, fruit salad and pastry.

There is also an option to pre-order sandwiches, as well as three additional meal options including a dairy meal, an eastern themed meal and a meat themed dish.

Payment is completed online via credit card only and you can call the contact centre on 8 800 700–0707 (toll-free within Russia), +7 495 783–0707 (Moscow) or check here online.


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