Review: SAS Economy Class Europe

Sas Scandinavian airlines inflight pizza

On flights within Europe SAS offer a buy on board program for passengers who don’t have meals included in their fare. On a flight from Paris to Copenhagen SAS offered the following inflight menu.

Sas Scandinavian airlines inflight menu economy class

My eyes were drawn to the heavily topped pizza which cost €6.00, it looked filling and delicious; I ordered a tomato juice to wash it down and waited about 10 minutes for the pizza to be heated.

After 10 minutes, the “Margherita Pizza” was delivered by the crew.

Sas inflight pizza

First world problems, I know, but when paying €6.00 for a slice of pizza, you expect a level of quality or taste. Upon sharing the picture on Instagram, feedback from regular travellers on SAS stated that the product is known to be sub-par.


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