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SAS inflight meals are not included in the price of specific economy class tickets for flights within Scandinavia and Europe as well as domestic Nordic and Swedish flights. Tea and coffee is always free on SAS.

Short & Medium Haul

SAS Go tickets do not include any meals, while SAS Plus ticket holders do receive free meals and snacks within Europe. For SAS Go passengers you can purchase your meals or snacks from the onboard cafe, or pre-order meals online up to 18 hours before your flight here.

Payments can be made with EuroBonus points or cash in the following currencies: DKK, NOK, SEK, EUR, USD and GBP.

Inflight Menu

You can view the latest inflight menu on SAS here.

Long Haul

In economy class you’ll receive a meal (no choice) as well as refreshments, however, you will need to purchase alcohol as it’s not included. You can also purchase additional snacks if required.

You can read the SAS long-haul business class and premium economy class meal review here.


Long Haul

In SAS premium economy class, here you will receive complimentary meals, drinks and snacks, there will be a choice of 2 main meal options, and alcohol is included.

You can also upgrade your inflight meal to the SAS Go Premium Set menu these upgrade meals start from EUR19 and include a starter and dessert, as well as a main of your choice, plus two beverages of your choice.

European Flights

On flights before 9 am free breakfast is also served to SAS Plus customers, and during the day meal offerings may include warm and cold snacks.

For those travelling on SAS Plus tickets, meals are you will be offered the Nordic by SAS concept. Expect options such as Norwegian fjord salmon, Swedish lamb and Danish veal plus locally grown vegetables where possible.

You can view the SAS Plus meal review from Inflight Feed right here.


If you’re travelling in SAS Business, you’ll enjoy a 3-course dining experience with up to four main meal choices.

You can read the Inflight Feed SAS Business Class review here.


Passengers travelling to/from the US and Asia and passengers in SAS Plus on European flights (Inc Eilat and Beirut) longer than 80 minutes can pre-order a special meal. Order your special meal up to 24 hours before departure from the choice below.

Special meal service is not available on domestic flights or within the Nordic region.

Asian Vegetarian, Vegan, Vegetarian Lacto Ovo, Hindu, Kosher, Muslim, Gluten-Free, Lactose-free, Bland, Child and Baby Meal.

To book your special meal contact the airline here.


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