Bland Meal


The BLML or Bland Meal should be ordered by those who suffer from stomach or intestinal problems. These special meals will normally contain foods that are easily digested, soft to eat and with limited spices.

Normally bland meals do not include garlic, onions, cabbage and cauliflower, spices (such as black pepper or chilli), fried and fatty foods, raw and dried fruits and nuts, citrus fruits, whole grains, raw vegetables, highly seasoned meats, pickles and excess sugar.

They may contain grilled lean white meat, fish, cooked vegetables, fruits such as watermelon and melons, poached eggs, egg white omelette, low seasoned food, soft bread and low-fat dairy products.

Most airlines worldwide offer a bland meal service If you need to check on a specific airline view the airlines section to read about the airline you’re flying with.


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