Vegan/Vegetarian Meal


The VGML or vegetarian meal is a meal option for passengers who wish to consume meals free of animal products. Vegans and vegetarians can order this option on their next flight, it is quite a standard meal option that is widely available for you to pre-order.

If not available alternative options that Vegetarians can order are:

VLML- Vegetarian Lacto Ovo; No meat products or fish, but contains dairy and eggs.

AVML- Asian style vegetarian meal.

FPML- Fruit Platter.

Vegans could order alternative options such as:

FPML- Fruit Platter.

VJML- Vegetarian Jain; No root vegetables and no animal products.

VOML- Vegetarian Oriental (can be vegan).

RVML- Raw vegetables.

If you need to check on a specific airline view the airlines section to read about the airline you’re flying with and how to book your special meal.


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