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TAP Portugal business class breakfast

TAP introduced a service that allows business class passengers on long-haul flights from Lisbon to pre-order their meals. Airlines are beginning to offer this service to premium cabin guests, as it enables you to eat exactly what you want inflight while saving the airline catering costs. TAP still offer free meals and snacks in economy class, depending on the fare level that you purchased.


I flew with the airline recently and decided to purchase a last-minute upgrade to business class to experience their inflight offering.

Tap Business Class Meal

I have to say I was pretty disappointed with the breakfast offering on a 3hr flight in business class. It was a Portuguese breakfast consisting of 3 slices of salami, two pieces of cheese, a bread roll and a pear. Initially, I thought this might have been a starter, and that the cabin crew would offer a hot meal, but it quickly became apparent that this was the only meal to be served.

First world problems I know, I just felt that this breakfast offering was too simple for a premium cabin. Others may disagree and find that this breakfast option is more than adequate considering that it’s a typical Portuguese breakfast. Here are some examples of business class breakfast offerings on other airlines.


A hot breakfast offering on Aegean Airlines on a three hour flight within Europe.

croatia airlines business class meal

Here is a continental business class breakfast offering on Croatia Airlines on a one hour flight. Colourful, an abundance of food options, presentable and more appealing that the TAP breakfast offering.

Featured above, KLM from Amsterdam to Paris, Asiana Airlines Tokyo to Seoul, and Air Dolomitti from Milan to Munich. All meals shown are short-haul flight business class breakfast offerings. Each airline has its own cost structure, budgets and catering limitations, I can understand this. I just found the TAP breakfast offering to be sub-par, especially when you benchmark against other airlines.


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